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Residential Pest Control 

Omega Pest Control LLC offers residential pest control services to homes, apartments, condominiums and townhomes in Odenton MD and surrounding areas.

Our licensed exterminators specialize in treating pests specific to the area and the home. We treat everything from termites and carpenter ants to bed bugs, rats and roaches, making us the excellent choice for comprehensive home pest control.

Work Process

Our licensed exterminators will come out to your home and provide a detailed inspection, free of charge. We’ll search for and assess any existing infestations while identifying potential problems for the future. We’ll then provide a custom recommendation for treatment and prevention of these pests.


Our Priority

All of our treatments are non-invasive and can take less than one-hour, with the exception of termites, bed bugs and other highly-specialized treatments. They are also safe for your family and pets.

We are specialized in the following Pest Control

✔ Termites Control
✔ Cockroach Control
✔ Rodent Control
✔ Bedbugs Control
✔ Flies Control
✔ Fleas Control
✔ Indian Meal Moth Control
✔ Earwing Control
✔ Cricket Control
✔ Box Elder Bug Control
✔ Millipides Control
✔ Spider Control


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