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Commercial Pest Control

Your business is your livelihood, and the place you work in should be a reflection of that. Yet often times, in an effort to cut costs or to avoid the hassle, companies will eliminate things like routine pest control from their budgets.

But after just a few short months, a seemingly miniscule matter becomes one giant nightmare, with roaches invading your restaurant kitchen, flies circulating areas outside and perhaps the most devastating of all – bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control

Omega Pest Control LLC offers commercial pest control services to businesses in Rockville, Wheaton, Columbia, Laurel, Bowie and surrounding areas. Whether you are a small office looking for routine maintenance or you’ve been shut down by the health department and are in dire need of assistance fast, we can help, with affordable pest control solutions for every need and every budget.


Our Priority

Our licensed exterminators have years of experience handling pests known to cause problems for Maryland businesses, including roaches, rats, ants, flies, and even some of the more serious problems like wasps, spiders, bed bugs and termites. We also are well-versed in health department guidelines, so we can help ensure you’ve met all the requirements to have your business up and running again in no time

We are specialized in the following Pest Control

✔ Termites Control
✔ Cockroach Control
✔ Rodent Control
✔ Bedbugs Control
✔ Flies Control
✔ Fleas Control
✔ Indian Meal Moth Control
✔ Earwing Control
✔ Cricket Control
✔ Box Elder Bug Control
✔ Millipides Control
✔ Spider Control


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